Alex Eaton

Alex grew up on a small organic farm, and was influenced early by the environmental activism of his mother. Alex earned a degree in journalism and environmental science, and wrote for national and international publications, with a focus on the cross-section of environmental sustainability and social justice. He has always had a deep love for the outdoors, and has worked as a mountain guide, river guide, and on remote trail crews as well as on search and rescue teams. With an early focus in photojournalism and filmmaking, Alex worked in remote regions around the world covering adventure, activism and environmental crises. Alex has founded numerous organizations, NGOs, and campaigns to support education, the environment, and social justice.

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Alex Eaton is the co-founder and CEO of, the leading clean energy and fertilizer infrastructure company for smallholder farmers in the world.

A love of farming and working with small farmers drove the creation of the Based in Mexico City, Alex enjoys good locally grown food, music, and bicycle-based adventures. Today, Alex is focused on leaving a better world for his daughter through inclusive business, social empowerment, and technological innovation.

For his career in the social entrepreneurship sector he has been awarded nominations such as Endeavor Entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, and Switzer Environmental Leadership Fellow among others.

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