Clubb has 25+ years of experience financing projects in more than 80 countries for more than USD 30 billion – ranging from large infrastructure projects to small financial
inclusion programs.


In the past 20 years, Chris has focused on investing in projects with dual financial and development objectives in developing projects; since 2015 known as Sustainable Development Goals investing.

He is currently Managing Director at Convergence – an organization dedicated to mobilising investment to developingcountries through blended finance. Prior to joining Convergence, he was the Director leading European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) financing/investment activities in its early transition countries where EBRD increased its annual investments five-fold to become the largest investor in these developingcountries. While at EBRD, Chris innovated and implemented, in partnership with more than 20 donors, many of EBRD’s blended finance programs – including the leading local currency program for SME finance and development. Prior to EBRD, Chris provided long-term financing to strategic European infrastructure projects while at European Investment Bank, provided cross-border financing to international buyers while at Export Development Canada, and started his banking/financing career in corporate banking at Toronto Dominion Bank. Chris has held senior strategic risk management positions at EBRD and EDC, including the design and implementation of an enterprise-wide risk
management framework.